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Code of Conduct

At ABK, we conduct our business within the framework of applicable professional standards, laws, and regulations. Our code of conduct is based on our values and it takes them to the next level—demonstrating our values in action and contributing to our Experience. The Code also provides a frame of reference to establish more specific supplements to address territorial issues.

Each of us at ABK has an obligation to know and understand not only the guidelines contained in the Code, but also the values on which they are based. Knowing and understanding are not enough. We also have an obligation to comply with the letter and spirit of this Code and to help others do the same. As individuals we are encouraged to raise any issues and concerns through appropriate channels.

Our code of conduct:-

  • Acting professionally.
  • Doing business with integrity.
  • Upholding our clients’ reputations as well as our own.
  • Treating people and the environment with respect.
  • Acting in a socially responsible manner.
  • Working together and thinking about the way we work.
  • Considering the ethical dimensions of our actions.

We have a vital role in sustaining the public’s trust and maintaining investor confidence. Our code of conduct helps us to take this role seriously and that is why we have made integrity and quality the cornerstones of our profession.

While the Code provides a broad range of guidance about the standards of integrity and business conduct, no code can address every situation that individuals are likely to encounter. As a result, our code of conduct is not a substitute for our responsibility and accountability to exercise good judgment and obtain guidance on proper business conduct. We are encouraged to seek additional guidance and support from those designated as responsible for business conduct matters.

The strength in our organization is the strength in our collective knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge and experience.

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