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Transportation & Logistics

ABK specializes in providing professional services to the transportation & logistics industry and reaches across the whole spectrum including:

  • aviation
  • shipping and ports
  • land transport
  • road freight and logistics

Our main objectives are to understand the complex environment in which our clients operate and to develop solutions which assist them in resolving issues affecting them and the industry.

We understand the financial and operational drivers of the transport & logistics sector and can assist our clients in dealing with current and emerging issues such as market consolidation, deregulation, public private partnerships and financing.

Emerging governance and ethical standards require companies to put more emphasis on managing risk. At the same time, regulatory pressures related to accounting and reporting transparency have made timely disclosure of liabilities, contingencies and internal control processes an issue of the highest importance. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, tax matters are often not dealt with in a systematic way.

ABK can work with your company to establish clarity around the company’s tax risk profile, develop an enterprise-wide tax strategy and tax policies, and design a tax risk management model.

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