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ISA / System Audit

Today, the world is moving towards better systems and controls, where an organization is strong enough to weather the myriad changes of a dynamic environment. A system, processes’ and control review becomes indispensable for every forward-looking entity.

An analysis to assess the costs and benefits to be derived by the organization from such a review should address several factors, including, the structure of the organization, the degree of autonomy of each operating unit, and your organization’s overall culture and management philosophy. An assessment also needs to be made of the control environment within the organization, and the level of awareness of control issues among both management and employees.

The System, process and control review within each organization must increasingly contribute to the achievement of overall corporate objectives while remaining an independent and valued voice.

ABK will help plan for and resolve all these issues, drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the best practice in structuring and organizing effective reviews.

Our Approach to a system, process and control review includes the following:

  • ISA / System audit of share brokers and other entities.
  • Determining the Audit Committee's and management's requirements and expectations.
  • Monitoring organizational ethics.
  • Determining the scope of the system, process and control review.
  • Developing strategic and annual review plans.
  • Defining working practices, including the review methodology, risk analysis model and audit software.
  • Review to ensure adequacy, relevancy, reliability and timeliness of the MIS.
  • Establishing cost effective accountability and quality control standards.
  • Regular evaluations of the organization’s system of control.
  • Assessing quality, economy and efficiency of operations.
  • Effective reviews of operational and financial performance.

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