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Share Market / Stock Brokers

With our extensive experience and keen detailed knowledge of Indian capital markets and their operations, ABK offer niche and specialized services to Proprietary Traders who wish to adopt Automated/Program Trading systems which are now prevalent in India for trading on various stock exchanges. We undertake and execute full responsibility for project-planning and reporting, identifying business requirements.

We are responsible for selecting and appointing software vendors according to functional specifications, IT integration with existing business model as well as development and implementation of the new business model. Our role includes deploying various Financial Products such as Derivatives, Equities, Commodities, FX, and Fixed Income Products on the trading platform.

ABK professionals have an expertise in conducting stock broker’s Internal Audit, Depository Participant’s Audit, CTCL Audit, IML Audit etc. We have extensive hands-on experience of various stock market operations and excellent command on Technical Analysis as well as Fundamental Analysis skills.

We offer our professional consultancy to Brokers and Trading Houses towards their regulatory compliances, internal audit and other stock broker’s requirement.

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