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FEMA and RBI related services

After the liberalization policy, Indian market has gone through the growing number of international transactions, mergers and takeovers. Investments have been on a roll and the investments in India (FDI) from abroad and from India in the overseas markets have been rising constantly. The present economic scenario in India provides a red carpet for setting up various kinds of business activities. India has been rated as one of the most dynamic markets of the world in terms of business development.

ABK provides advisory and compliance services encompassing the entire gamut of fema & RBI law as detailed below:

  • Consultancy - On implications of various provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA).
  • Planning - To plan the matters/transactions/projects/agreements involving FEMA.
  • Collaborations In/ Outside India - Requirements of FEMA and its compliance.
  • Investments Outside India (Overseas Investments) - Requirements of FEMA and its compliance.
  • Investments By Foreign Enterprises, Foreign Residents in India (FDI) - FEMA law procedures and their compliance.
  • Non Resident Indians (NRI)/Persons of Indian origin (PIO) – Privileges and obligations under FEMA.
  • FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) - Professional services in the field of obtaining FIPB approval for FDI.
  • External commercial Borrowings( ECB) - Law Procedures and Compliance.
  • Real Estate Sector - Investment in Real Estate Sector through FDI and investment by NRI/ PIO and Law procedure and compliance relating the same.
  • Residential status of Individuals - Law, procedure and compliance.
  • Reserve bank Of India - Professional services in the field of obtaining permission under various provisions of FEMA, Filing of Intimations, Statutory Forms & Returns.
  • Statutory Compliances – As per Requirements of FEMA and their compliance.
  • Taxation - Of foreign enterprises, opinion, consultancy and compliance.
  • International Transactions covered under FEMA - Implications of Transfer pricing law and Double Taxation Agreements(DTA).
  • Professional services for obtaining Import - Export Code ( IEC ) from DGFT.
  • Setting-Up - Setting up of Joint Venture / Project Office / Liaison Office / Branch Office in India and vice versa.

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