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What distinguishes ABK from other firms and how do we exhibit that distinction?

The reputation of ABK is anchored in the professionalism, ethics and excellence of service our people have striven to demonstrate and embrace every day of our 30-year history.

Our ability to deploy technical excellence within a human-oriented, business context makes the difference that prompts clients to return to us, again and again, to help them keep improving and enhance their competitive edge.

The ABK Experience is our commitment to maintain those distinctions, through building strong relationship skills and technical skills.

To do this, we:

  • Invest in teams/client relationships
  • Share and collaborate
  • Put ourselves in our clients’ and each others’ shoes
  • Focus on client value and on enhancing the value of our people
A great place to work, a great client service

The ABK Experience aspires to make ABK a great place to work – offering development opportunities and recognition, while valuing ideas and contributions. And everything about how we recruit, develop and reward our people revolves around the behaviours we want to see consistently at work.

For our clients, our aim is to listen to their feedback, do our ‘homework’, engage with and shape their experience of us and, ultimately, exceed their high expectations.

Achieving distinction

It’s often, the small things that make a difference. From staying up-to-date with our clients’ businesses to regular and effective communication; from everyday courtesies to making realistic commitments and managing expectations, certain behaviours and characteristics make us stand out from the crowd – and ensure not just high levels of client loyalty but greater job satisfaction for all our people.

Developing our People

Our profession is all about people – which mean that continual development of our people has to be an integral part of our ongoing success. We have a unique framework that encompasses the competencies against which all employees are assessed, as well as a structured program of activities that allow you to plan your development; measure how you’re doing against your goals; and gain formal and informal feedback.

Life Balance

We know that getting the right balance between your personal and professional life can be hard. That's why; we offer flexible working and other support such as study leave for graduates and remote working.

Our remote working options enable ABK people to work on the move, while travelling or from another location such as a client office or even from home. We understand that this level of flexibility is important and many member firms offer specialist technology to support you.

Flexible working options vary according to location but may include part-time work, flexitime, job sharing, compressed work week, telecommuting, career breaks and unpaid leave. And reducing your working hours or working flexitime does not mean saying good-bye to promotion either. Hundreds of highly successful ABK people choose flexible working so they can spend more time with their family or develop other interests.

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