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Corporate Responsibility

ABK’s professional strategy is founded on engagement with our people, clients and communities to help them achieve their potential.

As a professional that embraces corporate responsibility, we think carefully about how to invest in society today to make sure there will be a business context where both we and society can thrive tomorrow and long into the future.

We are focused on quality and innovation in order to build and maintain trust with companies, investors, and wider society. We believe that without bedrock of trust from the broader business community and organizations, a strong and flourishing society is not possible.

We direct our efforts into four key areas that are aligned with our professional strategy:-

  • Entrepreneurship - supporting and celebrating start-up companies as they create opportunity.
  • Education - developing skills and broadening access to make sure the next generation has the skills it needs to make a positive impact.
  • Environmental sustainability - minimizing our impact on the environment.
  • Approach to reporting - more accountable to stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

Corporate responsibility is an imperative for safeguarding the sustainability of our profession. As a business, we can only grow if the economy and society are strong. So we must continually find ways to intersect what we do well with what society needs. In this way, we will help the people we employ, the companies that we serve, and the communities in which we operate to achieve their potential fully – in both the short and long term.

The strength in our organization is the strength in our collective knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge and experience.

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